UPDATED: 2016 Conference 20 - 22 May


Pennsylvania Wing Civil Air Patrol

2016 Conference & Awards Banquet

20 - 22 May 2016


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Immediate Action Required: Please contact your State Representative immediately


IMPORTANT Issue: Civil Air Patrol Legislation before the PA House; your immediate support needed!

Immediate Action Required: Please contact your State Representative immediately and ask them co-sponsor legislation being introduced by State Representative Barry Jozwiak.


Please contact your State Representative and urge them to cosponsor this legislation!


Find your PA Representative's contact info by clicking on this link Pennsylvania House of Representatives website; 

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CELEBRATING 75 YEARS in Civil Air Patrol

75th Anniversary in Civil Air Patrol
Dwight D. Eisenhower

XXXIV President of the United States: 1953-1961

224 - Statement by the President on the 14th Anniversary of the Civil Air Patrol.

October 19, 1955

THROUGH fourteen years the volunteers of the Civil Air Patrol, by their almost daily performance of aerial search and rescue, mercy missions and disaster relief, have added immeasurably to the safety and well-being of their fellow citizens.

Beyond that, more than fifty thousand teen age members of CAP engaged annually in its program of aviation education help answer the continuing need for alert young men and women in our Air Force and in our aviation industry.

The volunteers of the Patrol by their patriotic service, their readiness for every call, their devotion to duty have earned the gratitude of the Republic.

I heartily endorse the Civil Air Patrol and urge all of our citizens to support this worthy organization. I join with my fellow Americans in congratulating the members of CAP upon their Fourteenth Anniversary.

NOTE.: This statement was released at Lowry Air Force Base, Denver, Colo.

Citation: Dwight D. Eisenhower: "Statement by the President on the 14th Anniversary of the Civil Air Patrol.," October 19, 1955. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project. http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=10371.


Civil Air Patrol 75th Anniversary 1941 - 2016

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2016 PA Wing Conference and Awards Banquet - 20 - 22 May 2016


Registration is OPEN for 

the 2016 Civil Air Patrol Pennsylvania Wing
Conference and Awards Banquet 

20 - 22 May 2016

Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex 

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Indiana, PA  15705


For details and To Register: https://2016pawgconference.eventbrite.com


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CELEBRATING 75 YEARS: Pennsylvania Wing known for disaster relief, SAR and Hawk Mountain

Civil Air Patrol 75th Anniversary 1941 - 2016
With plenty of disasters orchestrated by Mother Nature — including tornadoes in 1985 and severe flooding in the 1970s and again in 1996 — a 1972 blizzard particularly tested the skills of Civil Air Patrol’s Pennsylvania Wing as it came to the aid of some 500 stranded motorists and their families. For that mission, the wing was credited with saving eight, of whom one had suffered a heart attack and seven had severe exposure and frostbite.
It was the manmade disaster of Sept. 11, 2001, that had the wing providing manpower and communications support to emergency management agencies, while also standing by for aerial imaging of the wreckage of the fourth plane, Flight 93, which went down that day in Somerset County.
On a much smaller scale, after local police remembered hearing about a recent mission that stressed CAP’s air-evacuation capabilities in 1956, they contacted the wing, which promptly delivered a plane and pilot to fly a 13-year-old leukemia patient from Wilkes-Barre to a New York hospital for emergency treatment. more at ...  http://www.cap75th.com/wing-highlights/pensylvania-wing/
< Photo caption:
Pennsylvania Wing Commander Col. Phillip F. Neuweiler, left, poses for a photo with an unidentified Civil Air Patrol pararescue cadet at Hawk Mountain Ranger Training School in Kempton. Neuweiler, who operated Neuweiler Brewing Co., was the backbone behind the CAP Ranger Program, headquartered at Hawk Mountain. Fifty years later, the Colonel Phillip Neuweiler Memorial Training Facility at Hawk Mountain remains in use as the primary CAP ranger training school.
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Cadet Accepted to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy


Rep. Tim Murphy, 18th district, invited C/2Lt Zachary Kagle to his office saying "First order of business, we just got word you've been accepted to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy!"

Photos include: C/2Lt Zachary Kagle and Rep. Tim Murphy

Rep. Murphy showing Kagle Navy glad (Murphy is a Commander in Navy Reserve), MMA grads can be commissioned in Navy.

Cadet Kagle on the phone giving good news to his mother!

C/2Lt Zachary Kagle is a member of the Civil Air Patrol Washington Composite Squadron, Washington, PA



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Air Force extends CAP cadet encampment assistance


The U.S. Air Force grant program that enabled more than 1,500 Civil Air Patrol cadets to attend wing encampments throughout the nation in 2015 has been extended.
Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, Air Force chief of staff, announced that the CAP Cadet Encampment Assistance Program will receive Air Force funding again in 2016. In 2015, the program’s first year, tuition and uniform scholarships were provided to cadets in need of financial assistance to participate in CAP’s encampment program. As a result, total summer attendance rose to almost 7,200, a 22 percent increase. CEAP assistance was directed toward first-time encampment participants.
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CAP supports Air Force’s Super Bowl airspace security missions

The California Wing will fly Tuesday in Fresno and on Feb. 3 in Oakland to help ensure the safety and security of airspace around Super Bowl 50.
In order to help train Air Force fighter aircrews and maintain their proficiency, Civil Air Patrol flies its Cessna airplanes into “restricted airspace” to simulate a trespassing aircraft while Air Force jet crews practice intercept techniques. The Air Force pilots fly alongside the CAP plane, make radio contact and guide it out of the restricted airspace.
Since the terroristic attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration routinely implements “no-fly zones,” referred to as a Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR), around major events like the Super Bowl. Airspace around the venue is restricted from all general aviation traffic for a specified radius to ensure no aircraft enter. The TFR is enforced by the U.S. Air Force, which has fighter aircraft patrolling the area during the time of the restriction.
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UPDATED - Instructions for obtaining PA Clearances and upload to eServices



21 NOV 2015



SUBJECT: UPDATED 21 NOV 2015 - Instructions for obtaining PA Clearances and upload to eServices

See link for updated pdf file:



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Civil Air Patrol joins total force ‘Airmen’


Civil Air Patrol joins total force ‘Airmen’

WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- When conducting missions for the Air Force as the official Air Force auxiliary, the Civil Air Patrol is now included in the Air Force’s definition of the total force. CAP has provided 74 years of support to emergency services, aerospace education and cadet programs.

In August 2015, the Air Force updated Doctrine Volume 2, “Leadership,” expanding the Air Force’s descriptions of total force and Airmen to now consist of regular, Guard, Reserve, civilian and auxiliary members.

Historically, the broader term Airmen referred to uniformed and civilian members of the U.S. Air Force (officer or enlisted, regular, Reserve, or Guard) regardless of rank, component or specialty.

With this newest change, Air Force leaders should consider each part of the total force, including the auxiliary, when determining the most effective and efficient ways to complete the mission. CAP has approximately 57,000 volunteers and 550 aircraft assigned to more than 1,500 units stateside available or currently supporting non-combat missions on behalf of the Air Force.

“As a strategic partner, these unpaid professionals have boldly served our nation saving the Air Force almost 40 times the cost of using military assets for each hour served,” said Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James. “Inclusion in the total force reflects the continuing key contributions of this highly trained and equipped organization.”

The auxiliary members, who fly the nearly 100,000 hours per year performing disaster relief, counterdrug, search and rescue, fighter interceptor training, aerial observation and cadet orientation flights, will now be included in the total force and referred to as Airmen during the performance of official duties in recognition of their contributions to the Air Force.

“Civil Air Patrol enjoys a proud legacy of selfless sacrifice and service to country and community that spans decades,” said Maj. Gen. Joseph Vazquez, the CAP national commander. “Our ability to augment the Air Force is second to none. We provide 85 percent of inland search and rescue missions and disaster-relief support to local, state and national agencies as well as aerial reconnaissance for homeland security, and remain continually postured to offer more.”

Beyond CAP’s support to achieve its homeland responsibilities for non-combat operations, the organization has been recognized for their efforts to inspire hundreds of thousands of cadets and K-12 students to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics education and training.

“Civil Air Patrol’s increased exposure has a direct impact on attracting youth interest in STEM-based activities which are skills necessary to develop the innovative Airmen our Air Force needs,” said Chief of Staff General Mark A. Welsh III. “We proudly welcome the Air Force auxiliary by extending our badge of honor as Airmen.”




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