Cadet Conference 2013

Join us for the 2013 Pa Wing Cadet Conference Saturday 28 September 2013 at Fort Indiantown Gap

General Schedule:
0900 (9:00 AM) - Arrival/Sign in, Building 8-80, Multipurpose Room
0930-1030 - Keynote Speaker
1040-1120 - Group CAC Meetings
1130-1210 - Workshop Session A
1220-1300 - Workshop Session B
1315-1430 - Banquet
1430-1545 - Field Trips
1600-1630 - Ask the Wing Commander, Col Brandon, PAWG CC
1630-1700 - Wing CAC Recap
1700 (5:00 PM) - Dismissal
Uniform of the Day:
Class A, B, or C Blues or civilian equivalent for cadets (nice pants and nice shirt with dress shoes).  
Register online
$15 for Cadets Members
$20 for Senior Members
0900 Sign in: 
Building 8-80 Multipurpose Room
Fort Indiantown Gap

Wing Commanders Call and Van Inspections:

Lunch is on your own or at the Cadet Conference Banquet. If attending the Cadet Conference Banquet please register online using the link above.
Location - Shambach Hall
Uniform - No BDUs or Flight Suits
Details will be provided as they are confirmed.
Lt Col Gary Fleming
Event Officer In Charge
Maj Heather Weaver
PA Wing Director of Cadet Programs