Hawk Mountain


8-16 July 2017

Summer Hawk Registration is now available via NCSA Applications on E-Services
Located in Kempton, Pennsylvania, Hawk Mountain Ranger School is the longest running Search & Rescue School in the nation.  For over 50 years, it has provided some of the best wilderness SAR training to cadets and seniors throughout the country.  HMRS is the most intense and rewarding summer activity that CAP has to offer.  If you have never been to the mountain, now is your chance to become a part of the tradition.  If you have already graduated from a HMRS course, attend again to further your training through more advanced courses. 
The training that you will receive at HMRS is different from that of any other school in CAP.  While the majority of training at most schools takes place in classrooms, here you will learn by doing all of the tasks.  You will spend the duration of the school outside in the same conditions as a real mission.  You will participate in a multi day field training exercise testing all of your acquired skills along with your endurance.
The first several days of the school start at 0600 hrs.  You are led through physical training and the obstacle course. That is followed by a run or 3 ball soccer.  A variety of classes follows throughout the day, teaching individual skills about equipment and techniques used in team searches, navigation, cutting tools, survival, and woodsmanship skills.  In addition to the practical skills, leadership and character development are emphasized.  Next you will begin the field training exercise.  After this, the last part of the school involves testing, not just to graduate from the school, but also to earn Ranger Grade certifications which include 101 advancement.  Throughout the entire school, you will be challenged to take charge of difficult situations in order to become part of a working team.
The friends you gain will remain close to you for life.  There is a sense of pride, camaraderie, honor, and tradition present at this school.  If you are willing to work hard, the possibilities of what you can accomplish at HMRS are boundless.  Little will be easy at the school, but the challenges will be well worth your while.

For more information about HMRS go to the HMRS website http://capranger.org/index.html  


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