Summer School

School Dates for 2014: 12 - 20 JulyRanger patch

Applications are to be submitted via the National Headquarters Civil Air Patrol eServices website Registration and Payment System:

Located in Kempton, Pennsylvania, Hawk Mountain Ranger School is the longest running Search & Rescue School in the nation.  For over 50 years, it has provided some of the best wilderness SAR training to cadets and seniors throughout the country.  HMRS is the most intense and rewarding summer activity that CAP has to offer.  If you have never been to the mountain, now is your chance to become a part of the tradition.  If you have already graduated from a HMRS course, attend again to further your training through more advanced courses.

The training that you will receive at HMRS is different from that of any other school in CAP.  While the majority of training at most schools takes place in classrooms, here you will learn by doing all of the tasks.  You will spend the duration of the school outside in the same conditions as a real mission.  You will participate in a multi day field training exercise testing all of your acquired skills along with your endurance.

The first several days of the school start at 0600 hrs.  You are led through physical training and the obstacle course.  That is followed by a run or 3 ball soccer.  A variety of classes follows throughout the day, teaching individual skills about equipment and techniques used in team searches, navigation, cutting tools, survival, and woodsmanship skills.  In addition to the practical skills, leadership and character development are emphasized.  Next you will begin the field training exercise.  After this, the last part of the school involves testing, not just to graduate from the school, but also to earn Ranger Grade certifications which include 101 advancement.  Throughout the entire school, you will be challenged to take charge of difficult situations in order to become part of a working team.

The friends you gain will remain close to you for life.  There is a sense of pride, camaraderie, honor, and tradition present at this school.  If you are willing to work hard, the possibilities of what you can accomplish at HMRS are boundless.  Little will be easy at the school, but the challenges will be well worth your while.

Courses Available

Many courses are offered prices range between ~ $350 - 450 including food.  Complete course descriptions are available on the courses page.

  • Basic Communication Course: $350
  • Cadet Basic:  $350
  • Senior Basic:  $350
  • Cadet Advanced:  $350
  • Ranger Team Commanders Course:  $350
  • Ranger Command & General Staff:   6 day Course - $350
  • Ranger Field Medic:  $450
  • Individual Studies Special Advanced:  $350
  • Cadet Ranger Staff Training:  $350
  • Aircrew Survival Course: 3 day Course $150


Course Environment

This school will take place in the wilderness and not a dormitory.  You and your team will be pitted against the elements, and you will find that your attendance will set you apart from your contemporaries.  The knowledge that you will gain about yourself, the Ranger program, and search & rescue, will remain with you for the rest of your life.  We hope you enjoy your experience at the Hawk Mountain Ranger School.  Please remember that this is an outdoor school, with no modern conveniences available to the students.  Showers will be provided, but are limited, and will be available in cold water only.  There is no electricity available to the students at the school.  Sleeping will be only in tents, regardless of the weather experienced. 

The school is very demanding, both physically and mentally.  Conditions are primitive.  Be sure to bring ALL items on the equipment list.  Weather can be dry or rainy; with temperatures changing from the high 90's to 40 degrees within hours.

The Staff are volunteers.  They will teach and train you for nine full days.  You are expected to do your best for those nine days.


Student Requirements


  • Must have completed Achievement #1 (Curry Award)
  • Must have completed Basic Encampment
  • Current CAP membership and at least 13 years of age by 12 July 2014
  • Check with your Wing Commander for your Wings requirements.
  • Complete the Special Activities Application on eservices.  After acceptance by HMRS this must be printed signed by applicant, parent or guardian, and their respective witness, then mailed to PA Wing.  (your squadron and wing Commanders have already approved this on line)

  Seniors (officer)

  • Must have completed Level 1 and Cadet Protection Training
  • Current CAP membership
  • Complete the Special Activities Application on eservices.  After acceptance by HMRS this must be printed signed by applicant then mailed to PA Wing.  (your squadron and wing Commanders have already approved this on line)

*CAP Physical Categories are described in CAPR 52-18

All Students   (completed by the start of the school in July)

After completing these courses make sure you save the certificate sent from FEMA.  Give a copy of these certificates to your Squadron Commander or ES Officer so they can be entered into the CAP 101 Database.

Review your CAP Member Search Report – this can be found on  sign in then click member search on the left side – Enter all or part of a CAPID or name and depress the Tab key – Click to view Member Search Report on the top of the page.

Make sure all the required Safety, ORM, ROA, 101 certification & FEMA Certificates are listed.  If they not listed, you must give copies of your certificates to your squadron commander or ES officer to record in the national data base.

If you are applying for an advanced course:

  • Mail, email, or fax a copy of the following documentation:
    • Any Hawk Mountain Ranger School Course Completion or Ranger Grade Cards
    • CAP Driver License
    • First aid cards and related certifications of training
    • Any FEMA Certificates that do not show up on your Member Search report.
    • Any non CAP - Certificates, Diplomas, Letters of Completion for Courses such as Wilderness, Navigation, Fire Academy and SAR Training that are not listed on your CAP Members Report
    • Mail this documentation to:
      PAWG Headquarters 
      Attn:  Hawk Mountain Ranger School 
      Building 3-108 
      Fort Indiantown Gap 
      Annville, PA 17003
      Faxed: 888-528-1561 or emailed:
The CAP Course Materials and Test can be found at

Course Test Links including Ranger Testing Sheets can be found on the HMRS web page

*FEMA provides many programs, courses, and materials to support emergency preparedness and response for emergency personnel as well as the general public. For information, go to and click EDUCATION AND TRAINING at the top of the page.

For more information please go to the Hawk Mt Ranger School website