Memorials and Donations


Honoring our Staff Members

Hawk Mountain Ranger School has several Memorials honoring Staff members who have passed away over the years.

We are continuing this tradition of honoring our passed Staff members with a large Memorial Stone. This will list the names of our honor passed Staff Members. Engraved names will be added through the years, rather than individual memorials. We are asking for you support donate to this fund for the preservation of the memorial, garden, and chapel.

The Memorial page on the Hawk Mt Ranger School in under construction  

If you would like to serve on the Memorial Committee or have any ideas for the memorial please contact Lt Col DeEtte Riley at or call 814-880-9083.

Allen Bixby

Bruce Brinker

Christopher Cahalen

Thomas Cawthray

Donna Connor

Sylvester "Duke" Curto

Warren Erdman III

Horace Fantasia

Elmer Falavolito

Brian Faunce

Joshua Floyd

Betty Jones

Rebecca Gibbons

Krista Griesacker

Alex Hahn

"Doc" Hall

Harry Hanna

Dorothy Sally Heckert

William Herrington

Phillip Neuweiler


Alan Lake

Oliver "Ollie" Lloyd

Donald Klipstein

Rebecca Marseglia

John McGuire

Richard Miller

Esther Morganstern

Jason Phipps

John Petrilla

Michael Riley

Ronald Rosepink

Ryan Stuart McCormick

Ken Smith

Regis Sullivan

Karl Townsend

Hugh Waskovich, Jr

Hubert Waskovich

David Watson

John Weaver

Harry Williams