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Prof Dev LogoDirector of Professional Development: Capt Paul Anderson
Asst. Director of Professional Development: Lt Col Annette Carlson

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) in Pennsylvania offers classroom, on-line and traditional correspondence study options just for you. You can choose from a wide variety of CAP and Air Force-developed courses.

Pennsylvania Wing schedules regular professional development training throughout the Wing, including
  • Squadron Leadership School (SLS) ~4-6 per year in each Group,
  • Corporate Learning Course (CLC) ~1-2 per year at PA Wing HQ, Fort Indiantown Gap, PA,
  • Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) managed by Maj Heather Weaver, Director of Cadet Programs (See Cadet Programs Tab)
  • Unit Commanders Course (UCC) managed by the Wing Commander,and scheduled as needed  
  • RSC and NSC are listed below as information becomes available.
Additional online distance education opportunities are available to CAP members through the Air University. CAP is a partner is this Air Force program.
Schedules for a variety of PD courses across the Wing are listed below.
Upcoming PD in Pennsylvania Wing

(also see the Wing Calendar & National Course Calendar)

SLSCLCUCCRSCNSC, Online SLS and/or CLC,  PA Wing PD Staff & Group Contacts

Squadron Leadership Schools (SLS) - Required for Level 2 - Davis Award

- Basic Training for ALL Senior Members

On average, the PA Wing holds six (6) annual SLS during the year - each hosted by a Group.

For most current info click:


- Pennsylvania
Group 1
- Southwest
Fall 2014 TBD - SLS
last held in September 2013
- Pennsylvania
Group 2
- Southcentral

Apr 12-13, 2014

Lancaster, PA

To Register email completed CAPF17 to 
- SLS Contact:
Lt Chris Porter

- Pennsylvania
Group 3
- Southeast
Fall 2014 TBD - SLS
last held in March 2013
- Pennsylvania
Group 4
- Northeast
Fall 2014 TBD

last held in November 2012

- Pennsylvania
Group 5 - Northcentral 
none in 2014 per PAWG DPD none

- SLS to be scheduled as needed
Questions: contact Lt Col Erin Long, Group 5 Commander
or the PAWing DPD 

- Pennsylvania
Group 6
- Northwest
TBD (April) Clarion, PA

- SLS Contact:
Maj Tom Brown

Other Wings:


























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Corporate Learning Course (CLC) - Required for Level 3 - Loening Award

On average, the PA Wing holds one or two annual CLC during the year, depending on need.

For most current info click:


- Pennsylvania
April 26-27, 2014 PA Wing HQ,
Fort Indiantown Gap, PA

To Register email completed CAPF17 to 
CLC Contact:
Lt Col Annette Carlson

Other Wings:










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Unit Commander's Course (UCC)

the Unit Commanders Course!  This course provides expert advice and guidance on leadership, management and ethics in a standardized format for the training of current and potential squadron & group commanders throughout the Civil Air Patrol.  Squadron and group commanders are responsible for providing local leadership, administering programs, and managing the volunteer members in the field as they perform the critical missions of the Civil Air Patrol as well as provide support to the United States Air Force as the official Air Force Auxiliary.

The UCC discusses the traits and skills new unit and group commanders will need to develop to effectively lead and manage their units.  Topics include command responsibility and accountability, recruiting and retention, safety, how to work with families, management, leadership, communication, and elements of successful units and leaders.

The UCC is designed around a core/elective format.  All courses include a standardized core of 8 lessons (10 hours), as well as 6 additional lessons (6 hours) selected from a list of electives.  In this way wings can tailor their courses to meet the unique needs of their commanders.  The course lasts 16 classroom hours in total and is administered at the wing level.

For most current info click:






- Pennsylvania




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RSC – Region Staff College – Required for the Level 4 - Garber Award


Northeast Region - RSC

Last held October 2013




Southwest Region - RSC

12-19 Jul 2014
Kirtland AFB, NM
Lt Col Heather Muelheisen

Rocky Mountain Region - RSC

Last held Jul 2013

Maj Andrew Treiman



Middle East Region - RSC

6 - 13 Sept 2014
North Carolina Justice Academy, Salemsburg, NC

Maj Jason Bailey      





Great Lakes Region - RSC

22 - 27 June 14
Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH
Lt Col Gregory Schulz  

GLR Website:




Southeast Region - RSC

1 - 7 June 2014

McGhee-Tyson ANGB, 
Knoxville, TN
Lt Col Dent Young 

Lt Col Jeffrey Wreyford




North Central Region - RSC


27 Dec 2013 - 1 Jan 2014



Pacific Region - RSC

5-11 April 2014

Nellis AFB, NV
Lt Col Elizabeth Blackey


For current RSC scheduled click:

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NSC – National Staff College - Required for Level 5 - Gill Robb Wilson Award 
– for all NSC info visit

NSC - 18-24 May 2014
at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL,
home of CAP's National Headquarters

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CAP National - CAP University:


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Pennsylvania Wing policy for online SLS and CLC:

If you have a situation that precludes attending an in-class, face-to-face PD course (SLS, CLC, etc), i.e., fit the "hardship" case, please email as to why you cannot attend the in-person course to the Wing CC, and copy the DPD.
We're not hardballing here... we want to ensure you get the best, quality training experience, especially for our newest members in the very important "Basic Training" in the Squadron Leadership School course.

Here's our procedure for the online SLS class registrations... After you register for the online PD course,  the online course director (from National) sends our Wing Commander the request, who then reviews it to approve or not.  
The Online PD course version was created by National for the Chaplain Corps and members' whose work schedule precludes attending in person.  The Wing CC only approves the online PD course for hardship cases:  ie, when they work consistently on weekends, or cannot attend for religious commitments etc. 

We highly encourage in person, in class participation to get the full value of the program and meet other members in other units,  ie networking, interaction and discussion which is of great value.

We highly, highly DIScourage the online SLS, in favor for live, in person, in-class SLS.  the interaction between our members from different squadrons and groups makes the learning experience very effective, and at the beginning of a new members' experience, very important ... it's "Basic Training" that is diluted when you eliminate the human contact.

Any questions, please direct to the DPD, Lt Col Annette Carlson
Thank YOU for all YOU do in CAP! 

Annette Carlson, LT COL, CAP
PA Wing Director, Professional Development
CAP Pennsylvania Wing 



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Pennsylvania Wing and Group Staff:  Professional Development

Wing Director of Professional Development (DPD):
Lt Col Annette Carlson -

PDO - Group 1 - Southwest/Pittsburgh - Maj Dave Hobgood  
PDO - Group 2 - Southcentral/Harrisburg - Group PDO needed, Contact the Group 2 Commander
PDO - Group 3 - Southeast/Philadelphia - Lt Col Rita League
PDO - Group 4 - Northeast/Allentown - Lt Col Patricia Devlin
PDO - Group 5 - Northcentral/State College - Group PDO needed, Contact the Group 5 Commander
PDO - Group 6 - Northwest/Erie - Maj Tom Brown  


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