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Updated: 22 May 2014


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          22 May 2014:  G1000 Nav Data Alert

17 Apr 2014: Revised 60-1 is out.  

Welcome "Sarge" and "Condor"

27 Feb 2013:

Flight Operations Over or Near Acadia National Park
Notice Number: NOTC5199

Pilots, businesses, and organizations considering operating in or near the airspace surrounding 

Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island in Maine, are requested to contact the Portland FSDO prior to

commencing flight operations. Operating rules in the vicinity of national parks have changed.

Please contact the Portland FSDO for guidance.

Contact person:  Gary Readio

Contact info: (207) 780-3263 x113

17 Feb 2014:  By popular demand, The call sign "Frosty"  has been changed to "Batman".  Something about the name Bruce Wayne.

15 Jan 2014:  Com Panels added to the File Download section.  This is a power point from last years CN briefing.

          20 Dec 2013:  Aircraft Pre-Heat Policy

          19 Aug 2013:  Weight and Balance Version 13 released.

           10 Jul 2013:  Effective July 25, 2013 the Class B Airspace surrounding KPHL will be changing. These changes could impact certain flight operations.

24 Jun 2013:  Tip Of The Week Added To The OFFICES Section on the Left

23 Jun 2013:  SII list updated.

9 May 2013:  Welcome "Rocket Man"

1 May 2013:  Welcome "Pappy"

27 Apr 2013:  By request, I have uploaded the G1000 Radios & Intercom Slides that I used at the CD Training onto the DOV web page.  Sorry, no script, just the slides.

24 Apr 3013:  Memo received from Gen Carr regarding the use of tow bars on CAP aircraft.

20 Apr 2013:  Added Kevin "Gadget" Berry to list of pilot call signs.

28 Mar 2013:  The Wing recently experienced an aircraft mishap that involved an experienced aircrew on a G1000 training mission.  Click here to hear their story and learn from them first hand.

7 Feb 2013:  Uploaded the CAP G1000 IP Slides. 


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